2020 Summer Prayer Calendar

Prayer makes a difference!

And YOUR prayers make a difference!

Join us for 40 Days of Prayers during this ongoing pandemic.  Would you please help us by emailing or texting us three items?

1. A Petition.  What prayer request could we lift up on prayer for you during the next 40 days?

2. A Praise!  Even though these days can be challenging, please share one way you’ve seen God’s grace and mercy at work in your life?

3. A “Pull-Together”!  Offer up a Scripture verse that you want to pray for Bethany, your church family, during this season!  It could be a verse about Gods healing power, as you pray for God to touch those who are sick or struggling.  It could be a passage about God’s provision, as you pray for God to meet the needs of those who have been devastated by this pandemic in their workplace or in their finances?  Or pray one of the verses we are studying together this morning:  humble us under your mighty hand, Lord, and test us to see if our hearts are fully devoted to you!

Email: info@bethanyonline.net
Text:  (626) 469-7505