Find a BeGroup!

At Bethany, we want to encourage you with two important questions, “Are you connected?” and “Who are you doing life with?”

Bethany exists to love! We believe that every heart should experience God’s love – and God’s love comes alive in our life when we are connected with others and transformed by the Gospel. This is why BeGroups are the ultimate destination for everyone who comes to Bethany. BeGroups are designed to create the space where connection and transformation happens in tangible ways. BeGroups are where you can be connected and be transformed!

You can become involved in a BeGroup today! There is a place just for you. This is a great opportunity for you to grow!  Waste no time…seek to get connected today!

BeGroup Calendar 2018 – 2019
Fall Session  |  October 7 – December 8
Winter Session |  January 13 – March 16
Spring Session  |  April 1 – June 1
Summer Session  |  Break

Have specific questions you’d like to ask? We’d love to hear them. Contact us at or the Church Office at 626-962-8501.