Bethany-Website-Banners-2016-BeGroupsOn February 7, 2016, in our second service, Pastor Brandon Penn laid out a compelling vision  for BeGroups at Bethany — a life-changing opportunity that will help every one of us to
                                                    • Be Connected & Be Transformed.
                                                              Click here to listen!

Here at Bethany Church we believe that every heart should experience God’s love. The seedbed for this experience is to Be Connected with people and Be Transformed by the Gospel. This is why BeGroups are the ultimate destination for everyone who comes to Bethany Church.

BeGroups are designed to create the space where connection and transformation can happen. There is a pulse that powers the life of this church…that’s BeGroups

BeGroups are for everyone! Be connected in order to thrive. You are encouraged to Join a BeGroup based on a group’s stage of life such as a Women, Married Couples, or Families with young children. You can also join a BeGroup based upon its geographical location. Here’s an opportunity to use your gifts to Serve, Bless & Encourage others…and to receive these back in return from others!

Are you interested in Facilitating? Do you feel God pushing you toward encouraging others in their journey of life? We are in need of friendly Facilitators who will facilitate conversation and relationships.

Or maybe you’d like to be a Host, and open up a room in your home for a BeGroup to gather.

So how can you be a part of BeGroups?
· Join a group.
· Host.

Choose one — so you can Be Connected and Be Transformed!

Email for more information or call the church office at (626) 962-8501.