West Covina Christian School exists to give our students a well-rounded education which provides opportunities for them to excel academically, discover and use their creativity, develop positive relational skills, use new technologies, and grow in their understanding of how spiritual truths can influence their lives. The present student body reflects the ethnic diversity of the area.  Applications are being taken at this time.

West Covina Christian School offers excellent educational opportunities for its students.  Capable teachers care deeply about their students.  In addition to fine classroom instruction, students have the opportunity to use the well-equipped computer lab.  Both boys and girls have their own P.E. coaches, and there is an extensive after-school sports program for sixth, seventh, and eighth graders.  Vocal music is part of the curriculum.  Instrumental music and dance programs are available.

Students experience exciting field trips from kindergarten through eighth grade.  For fourth through eighth graders these include trips to the State Capitol, Astro Camp in Idylwild, Nature Camp at Palomar Mountain, study of oceanography, and tours of historical spots in Virginia, Washington D. C., Pennsylvania, and New York.  Kindergarten through third grade students visit many interesting sites in the L.A. area.

For more information contact the WCCS Office at 626.962.7089 or  info@wccsonline.net