Friday- Day 5

Thursday – Day 4

Wednesday – Day 3

Tuesday – Day 2

Monday – Day 1

Lightseekers Quarantine Palooza Virtual Camp
JUNE 22- 26

Lightseekers Camp has partnered with Mission Bible Church Spy Kidz for a virtual camp.

Join us for an AWESOME virtual summer camp experience right from the comfort of your home that is completely FREE!

Lightseekers Quarantine Palooza Spy Kidz Edition will be a daily 30-40 minute event full of worship, Bible lessons, and fun games and challenges for the whole family! Everything you need to participate will be shared in this page and our Bethany Children’s Ministries Facebook page

Please register each child that is participating so they can be included in possible  giveaways.

Lightseekers Camp has set up a private Facebook group for families who will be participating in daily activities to share photos

Supply List
Here is a list of supplies to start gathering for daily Quarantine Palooza Activities

Day 1, Monday
Peter Coloring Sheet
5 unsharpened pencils per child
An empty water bottle per child
Mom or Dad with a camera

Day 2, Tuesday
Deborah Coloring Sheet
5 Oreos
Large bowl
Spatula or spoon
10 c. popped Popcorn
Medium microwave safe bowl
1 c. brown sugar
¼ c. Karo syrup
½ c. butter
½ tsp.salt
1 ½ tsp. vanilla
½ tsp. baking soda

Day 3, Wednesday
John Coloring Sheet
Full deck of playing cards

Day 4, Thursday
Mary Coloring Sheet
1 Envelope per kid
1 Pen per kid
I Postage Stamp per child
1 piece of paper per child
Address of relative or friend
6 party cups per child
1 large  deflated balloon per child

Day 5, Friday
Richie Rich Coloring Sheet
Fun size M&Ms per child