We believe that healing and growth take place in the context of community. People grow better together. That is why we put a strong emphasis on our small groups. Church services can connect people . . . but small groups bond people.

Small groups allow people to get to know each other. It is in knowing others and being known that we get a clearer picture of how much God loves and accepts us. As we get to know each other we also learn from each other. Below are some places you can find community and fellowship with others just like you.

No matter where you are in life, Bethany has something for you. You may be excited about your new-found faith and eager to learn more . . . or curious about what Christianity is all about and open to investigate . . . or deeply wounded and needing a place to rest and find healing . . . or just looking for a place to encounter God and grow in God’s grace. You are not alone. We have people here from all arenas of life.

GlowKids (Sunday Morning)
– Vacation Bible School
– Lightseekers Camp

– Junior High
– High School
– College/Young Adults

– BeGroups
– Family Focus
– God’s Girls
– Maranatha
– Men’s Group
– STRONG (Young Marrieds)