Hey, Bethany family! If you’ve ever had a hard time sleeping because you’re stressed about money or felt overwhelmed with credit card bills you just can’t pay off—you’re normal. Most people have car payments and credit cards, and most people feel lost, with no plan for the future.

But you CAN be different!
🚗 You can rest knowing you’ve got enough for your family, both now and in the future.
💰 You can have money in the bank without debt hanging over your head.
💑 You can finally get on the same page about money with your spouse.
😴 You can sleep soundly every night.

We want that life for you. That’s why we’re giving every church member a Ramsey+ membership . . . completely FREE! You’ll have access to the best money content and tools so you can say goodbye to “normal” forever! And you can make available that same FREE Ramsey+ membership with anyone you invite to participate with us during our 9-week course . . . even if they aren’t a part of Bethany!

Redeem your FREE Ramsey+ one year subscription with our passcode at this link: Ramsey+

You will be asked to do a brief assessment, and you may need to verify your email account. Then go to the website below and click on the white “Join Class” button to join Bethany’s FPU class.. again , it’s all FREE!

We are pulling for you!
Stephen & Michelle Wilson
Email us at info@bethanyonline.net for more information.